Tip #1

Replace One Snack A Day For a Piece of Fruit or a Handful of Nuts

Ah, remember those mid-afternoon cravings? Needing something to give you that bit of energy before dinner? That is called a snack, and nowadays we find ourselves eating more unhealthy snacks than actual healthy and good for you snacks. 

So Each time you reach out for a snack, make sure you have something healthy like an apple or some almonds. These will keep you going til dinner and contain less calories than your sugary chocolate coated biscuits! 

Healthy You, Happy You

Becoming healthier can have great effects on your happiness levels. Generally becoming healthy will involve losing some weight and this can boost self esteem levels bringing you happiness. 

Exercise and eating healthily doesn’t mean eating carrot sticks and hitting the gym. Becoming healthy can be as easy as swapping some small choices. 

So take this journey with me, and let’s become healthy together!